2048 Cupcakes

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What is 2048 Cupcakes


2048 Cupcakes

2048 Cupcakes is one of the news version of 2048 game.

It is a single-player puzzle game with cupcakes, which makes the 2048 game more exciting and challenging. The game’s goal is to slip numbered cupcake onto a grid to unite them to make a new cupcake, which can eventually reach 2048 or the white chocolate peppermint. However, we also added two extra cupcakes in case if you want to continue playing.

In this cupcake variation, we’ve used images of different cupcakes along with the tile numbers. The use of cupcakes rather than just plain numbers enhances the games' visuality, and any cupcake lover will be thrilled to play the game.


How to play

Use arrows key to play. The goal of the game is to reach the 2048 tile by merging the identical tiles.

Just be mindful that only the same value number can add up to each other.


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2048 Cupcakes

2048cupcakes.co is a free online game website dedicated to 2048 game. Here you can play the game with sound effects and undo features.

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