Train 2048

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What is Train 2048


  • Grab your train ticket and prepare to experience one of the most thrilling 2048 trips you'll ever experience. Assist the train driver in loading coal into the railway's engine so that it can speed across the rails and around the world! To do so, you must match blocks of numbers that are the same.
    Each match will provide a certain amount of coal to the engine. But the train is still too slow for your liking? Using your own talents or power-ups, try to generate massive combinations.
  • In this unusual 2048 puzzle game, your goal is to match the numbers while attempting to propel the train along the rails. Drop blocks on the left, right, or above to make matches. In this amusing online game from Famobi, try to achieve the greatest score possible.
  • Featured:
    Fun and rewarding puzzle game.
    Use numbers.
    Attractive sound.
    Suitable for all ages.
  • Release date
    March 2021

How to play

To move the blocks, drag the left mouse button, then release it to make them fall out.
To use powerups and blocks, press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.


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