Snack Mahjong

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What is Snack Mahjong


  • Snack Mahjong is a fun Mahjong puzzle game. Your objective is to discover a pair of identical images and eliminate them one by one until the entire field has been emptied. Steel blocks can only be moved around and not destroyed. Only if there are no impediments between the objects can they be connected. Special blocks can also be used to move the bricks around or down the line.
  • Featured:
    The game uses extremely cute images.
    Funny sounds.
    You have the option to link in different directions.
    There are many wallpapers to choose from.
  • Tips: in this game, you have to use your observation to find the same pictures. You can play with your friends and ask them for help.
  • Release date
    March 2021
  • Developers

How to play

Left mouse button on objects and tiles next to their pairs.


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