Smash Karts

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What is Smash Karts


  • Tall Team's debut game on Poki is Smash Karts!
    Smash Karts is a multiplayer kart fighting game in three dimensions. To win, you must drive your go-kart, pick up weaponry, and blow up other karts. Continue to play to gain experience and unlock new characters and prizes.
  • Smash Karts is a popular 3D driving game in which the objective is to gather surprise boxes and use them to survive: Ammunition, grenades, and even rockets? Put your seatbelt on, put your helmet on, reload your rifle, and take out your opponents! You may even personalize your car! In this frantic, action-packed Mario Kart-style racing game, can you outlast all of your friends?
  • Featured:
    3D graphics are stunning.
    Real-time audio.
    Multiplayer kart battles that are fast and furious.
    Level up, earn cash, and keep track of your progress.
    Various weaponry, ranging from little firearms to explosions!
    Characters and karts can both be customized.
  • Release date
    March 2020

How to play

To drive, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
To shoot weapons, press the space bar.


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