Knife Hit

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What is Knife Hit


  • Knife Hit is a fun reflex and skill game in which you must demonstrate your knife throwing abilities! You must throw all of your knives at a spinning board in each challenge; you cannot hit any other knives or objects linked to the spinning board.
  • As you continue, the difficulties become more difficult, and you must devote more time to perfecting your throws! After each fifth level, you'll face a boss battle in which you must accomplish an ever more difficult knife-throwing challenge! Today, in Knife Hit, put your reaction and timing to the test!
  • Featured:
    Each level presents a greater challenge.
    A never-ending game.
    To hit apples and use them as a scoring system.
    Excellent sound effects.
    Knife physics that are smooth.
    Full-screen mode is available for the game.
  • Tips: Knives should be thrown at logs to break them. Slash apples to gain access to new knives. Every fifth level has a boss that must be defeated in order to obtain special knives.
  • Developers
    Kyriakos Farris

How to play

Use the left mouse to throw knives.


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