3 Lines

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What is 3 Lines


  • 3 Lines is a popular thinking game that many people enjoy. You must clear the playing field of all numbered/lettered tiles to complete the puzzle. You'd do this by concatenating cells on the board with the same numbered/lettered cells - this is possible if you can make a single cell with less than three lines. You won't have to count the lines because when you choose a cell, it will display lines against another cell that you can pair with it. You can play numerous stages to keep yourself in control, with the challenge increasing as you progress through them. 
  • Featured:
    Use numbers.
    funny sounds.
    A rewarding game that combines entertainment and brain training.
    Suitable for all ages.
  • Tips:
    Read the lines and think; Find the same numbers to cancel.

How to play

  • Left mouse button / Touch screen = Select


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