2048 Solitaire

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What is 2048 Solitaire


  •  2048 Solitaire is a variation on the classic solitaire card game. To remove the cards, you must arrange them in columns with numerical values that total up to 2048. The goal of the game is to correctly add all of the cards to make them disappear.
    The tough part is that you can't remove a card once it's been placed, so think swiftly and plan properly. You only have a certain number of discards per game, so use them wisely or you'll be stuck with no options.
  • This is a single-player game, you can constantly push yourself to improve your score.
    You won't get bored because it's not too easy. But, at the same time, 2048 isn't so tough that only a trained mathematician can solve it.
    By planning your next move and seeing how it affects the board and what combinations of movements will work, it teaches you to estimate, think quickly, and strategy. desire.
    It's simple to share with your friends, and they'll appreciate it.
  • Featured

    Graphics and noises that are realistic.
    Realistic animations that are stunning.
    Particles and effects in real-time.

    Controls are smooth and straightforward.

    Interactive graphics and a user-friendly interface.

    This card game was inspired by the game Twenty48 Solitaire.

    A fun and easy game to play.

  • Tips:
    Make combos with cards of the same denomination.
    Try to build the sequence of numbers in descending order starting from the larger number.
    If you have a card that can mess up your setup, better get rid of it immediately.
    You may see the next card you will need to play, so plan ahead.

How to play

 Hold the left mouse button to move a card.


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